Is My Item Worth It?

This can be a complex question. The answer usually falls into two categories: the piece is irreplaceable or it is (potentially) valuable. Something can be "irreplaceable" in different ways. You may have a drawer handle that is no longer made or very often you will find, "they just don't make them like they used to." This applies to many household objects in our modern "throw away" world. Oftentimes, we will take a "flea-market" floor lamp, castor set, or chandelier, then restore it and the amount spent is much less than the finished value. The other "irreplaceable" factor is sentimental value. Many items fall into this category: re-gold plating the Church chalice from 1856, polishing the samovar that your great-grandparents brought from Russia, restoring the flatware set which you inherited, or re-silver plating your yacht club's trophies. In the case of an antique, you are probably enhancing the value of it (see the next FAQ for more on this). With a repair such as putting a foot back on a teapot, these jobs are inexpensive compared to the value of the tea set.